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Talking about the Marinaut is a bit difficult without sounding like we're a marketing firm instead of boat builders.  The Marinaut has become one of
those projects where the end result exceeds expectations; really the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  The goal was to have a high-
quality trailerable outboard powered boat that required modest horsepower, had good economy, behaved well in typical PNW conditions, was easy to
tow (fairly light and not too tall), easy to launch and retrieve, and easy to run and maintain.  We wanted to blend innovation with the tried and true
design features of popular Pacfic Northwest boats.  Most folks find the Northwest "no nonsense" traditional looks, which combine features of work
boats and tugs, quite pleasing.  There's enough macho there for those that want it and enough "cute" that it works for folks that want that as well.

The "magic" is in the blending of the technical requirements (that ensure the boat runs as intended) and the list of things folks want to have on the
boat...and of course getting the aesthetics right (it just had to have "the looks" that endear it to folks that see it).  We went to the folks that best
know this style of boat...the owners...and asked for input, and we got it.  Many of the best ideas came from the folks out there using their boats.

All our goals were met and in addition we got a boat that somehow also has that something extra that makes it special.  I know, I know...I do sound
like a Madison Avenue ad person but it's real in this case.  There's something about the Marinuat that just "feels" right when you're aboard and she
looks great from the outside as well.

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We produce and sell (factory direct) the Marinaut 215, which is a 21' 6" trailerable
outboard powered multipurpose boat.  The hull is hand laid using vinyl ester resin and
foam core (no wood in the hull/cabin structure at all).  We use only top quality
components on the boat like Motion Windows from Pennisula Glass in Vancouver
(WA), Blue Sea Systems electrical switches, tinned boat cable for wiring, Teleflex
hydraulic steering, robust gear driven wiper motors, and much more.  Every
component on the boat has been thought out and carefully chosen to meet the
user's needs and to offer outstanding value.  We can't control the prices of
manufactured components but we can make sure and choose those that make the
most sense.

It's our intention to deliver a high quality boat at the best price we can so that the
customer receives a very high value product.  Building them one at a time and
delivering them factory direct allows us to keep the price in check (at least as much
as possible) and allows for a great deal of customer input as to how they want their
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Some photos of customer boats:
The Marinaut 215 is now a well-proven design with boats operating in a variety of locations (about half "back east" and half "out west").  It's now time to take  production to the next level, so we're actively seeking dealers for the Marinaut 215.  If you're interested, or know a dealer that is, please use the "contact us" tab and send me an email (or call).